Test di livello

Words & More Studio

Vuoi testare il tuo inglese?

Words & More Studio offre un test d’inglese online gratis per verificare il livello di conoscenza della lingua.
Occorre scegliere l’opzione corretta completando le 10 frasi proposte.
Alla fine del test l’utente dovrà compilare i campi obbligatori per poi ricevere un feedback da parte del nostro course manager addetto alla valutazione e coordinazione dei corsi.

Welcome to your test

1. Why are you sweating? _____
2. Look at this mess! You _____ more careful.
3. _____, you wouldn’t have understood.
4. James _____ English very well.
5. At the moment there are many people living in Italy who _____ from abroad.
6. Now-a-days, smoking is _____ in society.
7. I _____ these films developed by tonight.
8. If I had known the results sooner, I _____ you an answer before
9. Only in my dreams _____.
10. When _____, I saw an old friend.

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